This custom-made, mobile sauna was exquisitely designed for our customer to accommodate up to 8 people.

Its sturdy trailer construction allows for countless transitions, facilitating daily setups on the beach and participation in various local events.

Featuring thermally treated interior, a HUUM wood-burning stove, spacious benches with skirting, and panoramic bronzed glazing, ensures an expansive sauna experience. 

Exterior dimension 5470×2530

Steel construction

Sauna insulation & vapor barrier throughout

Changing area

Fully glazed panoramic window

Thermo-aspen interior

Benches with skirting

Warm white sauna LED lights

Thermopine exterior cladding coated black

12kW wood burner

Price: £26,900 VAT incl.


We are here to build the sauna of your dreams.