With its large panoramic glazing, an enclosed shower area to the side, and an enchanting array of ceiling star lights, this contemporary outdoor sauna not only promises to elevate your health and lifestyle but also provides an irresistible experience. The outstanding AINO or HUUM designer heater adds a luxurious touch, dedicated to pampering your body and soothing your heart and soul. Together, all these elements harmoniously blend to create a truly exceptional sauna encounter that’s hard to resist.

Exterior dimension 3310×2080

Interior sauna dimension 2000×1800

Sauna insulation & vapor barrier throughout

Fully glazed panoramic window

Thermo-aspen interior

Benches with skirting

Warm white sauna LED lights

Ceiling fibre star lights

Thermopine exterior cladding coated black

Porch with changing area

9kW electric heater with WiFi control
or 12kW wood burner

Price: £26,900 VAT incl.


We are here to build the sauna of your dreams.